Cat door

Third visit with Theodore, third lake!

Look at those crystal clear, pristine lake conditions

Meow, this is where you jump through!

Stand off

Where’d you go???

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Photos 5,6,7 are just priceless. I love how Landry is just cat-door sized, and how you captured kitty and L in the standoff with upper limbs similarly posed. The final shot – adorable. PS We recently were witness to Lucius successfully making it through a doggy-door (larger boy/larger door) at our friend’s house in Maine. Barry took a cute photo of said event, which I tried to attach here but it didn’t want to accept (reliably). At any rate – love these boys’ attraction to small doors designed for creatures other than themselves!

Lol at these last pix w/ Landry and Kitty!!! My fav: “The Standoff!!”
(Also very fond of the fam pic, taken by Hazel!)

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