Glued not stitched

This big boy had to be seen at the ER this morning for a forehead laceration

He was such a cooperative patient (even his normal silly-goose self at times)

Hazel was such a cooperative big sister (and kind and concerned too)!

If you want to see a picture of the wound click here.

After all was said and done we made it to Hazel’s trick or treating event for her Elsa debut!

Landry dressed as Franken-baby

The docs used glue and a special thread technique to fix Landry up (no stitches)

4 replies on “Glued not stitched”

What a brave boy!! (and what a nasty looking boo boo!!) Glad they were able to use glue vs. stitches…

On another note, Ms. HTC looks BEAUTIFUL in her Elsa dress!!!

Poor Landry! What an impressive wound! (Very thoughtful of you to allow your readers to choose whether or not to click through…)

How sweet of Hazel to help him be brave!

Poor dear Baby Boo-boo! That one’s a doozy. Understandably it must have frightened all who were with him at the time. Hope he’s mending well. Any black eyes on the way for Halloween?

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