Moving in

Hazel was much more interested in our gate than in watching the forklift deliver our moving bins

Landry slept through the delivery and awoke bewildered

Soon enough he was just as happy as the rest of us to see familiar stuff

First duplo creation in our new house

Hazel has been waiting since Christmas to play with the pony castle!

Meanwhile Landry entertained himself by counting dogs and ponies

Sun’s out…

Time to run around our yard

This fence is our western boundary, and the kids have made up a racing game that starts there (And who sees blooming trees in the background?!)

Reunited with the scooter!

Hazel and I both missed this activity quite a lot

Later Landry joined in too

He’d love to learn how to keep up with his sister

In our new house Landry has a white chair that matches Hazey’s

We might live on the other side of the country but we still do the same things we always have (Here Hazey was working on The Silly Book which reads “HHHHHHHHHH / iiiiiiiiii / ZZZZZZZZZZ / EEEEEEEEEE” Pretty silly, huh?!)

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It looks GREAT! I’m so excited to see more and more pictures of your new space! And hooray for being reunited with all your things!

The new house looks amazing! We can’t wait to visit! Sending love from the East Coast

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