Hazel’s last day of preschool

Normal, low-key walk in the morning, led by Landry

Selfie along the way

Exciting, special, non-low-key last day of preschool in the afternoon

Gaggle of kids taking pictures

Framed for posterity on their last day of “pre chool” 🙂

This will be Landry’s last pining-for-Hazel snack at the children’s museum (you can fuzzily see Hazey on the far side of the fence opposite Landry’s pinkie)

Had to get in some QT with the water table, too

Different glass between them this time but Hazel’s motioning to her brother that it’ll just be five more minutes until he’s allowed entry

H and L on the preschool rug

Ms. Shannon called each student up individually and read a prepared statement

Farewell preschool, hello summer!

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