Great American Thanksgiving side dish throwdown

All right, all right, the food-filled holiday quickly approaches and I wanna know what’s gonna be next to that bird (or Tofurkey) on your table.

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(Slightly) oldie but goodie

An interview with my nephew.  He’s had a haircut since and changed in many more ways, but gosh darn it if I don’t still love watching this.

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Finished my first blockbuster

Your Heart Belongs to Me by Dean Koontz.

This was pretty terrible.  All the heart transplant stuff made me squirmy.  Every chapter started with a long paragraph setting the scene with approximately 5,000 adjectives.  This is the way I would write when I was ten years old, thinking wordy descriptions filled with big words meant good writing.

It wasn’t quite as horrible when it was just about the action.

I think this isn’t one of Koontz’s best, but I don’t really want to try another.

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Across state lines

Yesterday was pouring rain, but the sun came out a little today up in New Hampshire.

And then it went right back into hiding.

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Rubber boots

It’s raining up a storm here and I’ve been out and about in my boots all day.  After my last day of work with wet feet, I picked up these bad boys.

So far my feet are still dry.

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Blockbuster update

I am ashamed to report that I’ve made little progress on my attempt to read ten blockbusters.  I picked up a Dean Koontz at Costco.  Not the one recommended to me, which was probably a mistake.  It has some medical stuff in it, which kind of gives me the heebie jeebies.  And not in the way Koontz intends.

Maybe this weekend I will finish it off and give my impressions.

I picked up a few other titles at the library to try out and was feeling a little sheepish when the frilly Nora Roberts cover passed under the barcode scanner.  But it’s all part of my mission.

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Brown bag

Or silver thermos.  I generally bring my lunch to work.  In the thermos that I got last year around this time.

Sometimes I have soup or chili, sometimes there’s beans and rice to be found inside.  I generally cook up a big batch of something on Sunday for the upcoming work week.  Some days I ditch the thermos and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I’ve also been known to go out from time to time.

What does everybody else do?  Pack a sandwich?  Leftovers?  Out to eat?  Eat at home?

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Against me

Do you ever feel that the world is conspiring against you?  Sigh.

Over the weekend, I cashed in all my coins at one of those machines in the grocery store.  I felt a sense of accomplishment.  Got a little extra cash for holiday shopping.


Then I read that the little machines, starting a day or so after my coin cashing, are throwing in an extra $10 when you cash in $40.  Yes, my change totaled just over $40.  ARGH!$@*&!!!!

I was going to write about cashing in coins because I’m curious about what other people do with coins.  I think my ma still rolls them up in those paper sleeves.  Is that right ma?  Do other people try to use their change as they get it?  Save it up for the machine?  Roll it themselves?

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Merry holidays from Google

If you’re flying sometime in the coming weeks, enjoy free wifi at the airport.  Google is letting travelers connect for free at 47 airports and both of mine are on the list.

Anybody else getting on a plane for the holidays?  I usually don’t pay for the wifi, but I might use it for free.

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While on my recent family vacation, my brother reintroduced the idea of hard cider.  I sampled a few back in the days before I liked beer but then mostly forgot all about it.  Once the idea was back in my head, I was itching to give it another go.

In the liquor store, it dawned on me that I have no idea how to choose cider.  Granted, there aren’t that many options here in the United States, but I still felt a little intimidated.  I spotted Harpoon and snagged it because they generally do a good job of things.

I cracked one open this weekend.  I was expecting it to be fizzier than it was, but overall it was good.

Anybody else drink hard cider?  Any suggestions for what to buy?

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