book review

The kings of New York

Where are the drawings? That’s right, I have read an entire book without pictures. Well, technically there are a few photos of the main subjects of the book.

Sadly, I am very proud of having read an entire book that wasn’t a comic. This one was at least good enough for me to have finished. The author profiles some teenage chess players in New York. There are sprinklings of chess history, or at least modern chess history that applies to teenagers.

The chess team plays various tournaments, building in size and importance as the book goes on. At the end, it just seemed to kind of fizzle out. Perhaps that was the point, that the various members of the team go off in different directions and whatnot, but I found it disappointing.

When I read the Scrabble book, Word Freak, I was way more involved in the tournaments and really inspired to play Scrabble. This book was just engaging enough to allow me to finish reading it.