Ben and Marika

Ben and Marika

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Annie Jo is soon to become Aunt Annie Jo, thanks to these two. Bring on the baby! In the meantime, I’ll frantically practice my aunting skills. See more pictures of the big news weekend.

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Congratulations Auntie Ajo! (And Ben & Marika, of course).
Think of this as a long term big sister program….

WHAT!?!? DAMN MY WORTHLESS BROTHER!!! we could have been aunts and uncles together with little cousins. alas, i am soooo happy for you cousin, and also the happy couple.

YAY!! You’re going to be an aunt, that is so exciting! Between you and Banana you’ll have quite the experience with JAM EATERS!!

Yay Annie Jo! You are going to be a terrific auntie. If you need any auntie tips from a professional (I now have 2 nieces and 2 nephews), let me know!

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