Read these if you know what’s good for you

I’ve said this before but it warrants a repeat. Comics are awesome.

Sure, sure, make fun of me and my comics reading. But before you go too far in the heckling, check out a few of my favorite comics online.

American Elf – The Sketchbook Diaries of James Kochalka

Fart Party – more autiobiographical comics from Julia Wertz

High Maintenance Machine – okay these are also autobiographical and they’re from Matthew Reidsma

Three is a nice number so I’ll leave it at that. All of these artists/authors have published (and self-published) works in print, so once you’ve fallen in love, get yourself some mini comics and books.

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James Kochalka (at American Elf) and his wife are about to have a second child. Any second now. If his comic strip were a TV show, the network would be advertising a new season. I’m telling ya, listen to Annie and don’t miss the premier!

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