Comic Con

Back in 2006, I attended the first ever NY Comic Con.  It was a disorganized, dangerous mess.  This year, dragged back down by children’s librarian extraordinaire Miss Jackie, I found a much more organized, safe-for-the-most-part mess. Strangely enough, the con charges less for librarians and doesn’t make them wait in this giant holding pen.

The Javits Center is a bit gross when inspected closely and the rooms where the sessions were held reminded me of huge empty swimming pools. There were a few panels good enough to make me forget the depressing surroundings, though. The exhibit hall was also pleasant enough in the mornings before the hordes of people made it through the cattle drive to the booths.

Thanks for letting me tag along Jackie.


We have a winner

There were two brave souls who entered the comics giveaway contest. To choose one winner, I visited my favorite random number generator at Contestant 1 left the first comment and Contestant 2 left the second comment. So I had an integer between 1 and 2 generated, meaning 1 or 2. The winner?


Contestant 2, Jackie, is the big winner!  Your comics are on their way.


Times are tough, have some comics

Do you like to read comics?  Graphic novels?  I’ve got some of both and I want to share the wealth.   So, just leave a comment down below sometime between now and the end of Saturday (November 15) to enter to win.  I’ll choose someone at random and send the whole mess your way. Shipping’s on me!

As I have mentioned before, I don’t like to keep books.  This extends to comics as well.  Even though it probably doesn’t support the artists as much, I get whatever comics and graphic novels I can from the library.  What with all the self publishing and scarcity of these things, I sometimes have to shell out the cash myself if I really want to read something that’s not available at the library.

These comics need a loving home.  Or at least one more stop before they end up in the recycle bin.


Read these if you know what’s good for you

I’ve said this before but it warrants a repeat. Comics are awesome.

Sure, sure, make fun of me and my comics reading. But before you go too far in the heckling, check out a few of my favorite comics online.

American Elf – The Sketchbook Diaries of James Kochalka

Fart Party – more autiobiographical comics from Julia Wertz

High Maintenance Machine – okay these are also autobiographical and they’re from Matthew Reidsma

Three is a nice number so I’ll leave it at that. All of these artists/authors have published (and self-published) works in print, so once you’ve fallen in love, get yourself some mini comics and books.