Times are tough, have some comics

Do you like to read comics?  Graphic novels?  I’ve got some of both and I want to share the wealth.   So, just leave a comment down below sometime between now and the end of Saturday (November 15) to enter to win.  I’ll choose someone at random and send the whole mess your way. Shipping’s on me!

As I have mentioned before, I don’t like to keep books.  This extends to comics as well.  Even though it probably doesn’t support the artists as much, I get whatever comics and graphic novels I can from the library.  What with all the self publishing and scarcity of these things, I sometimes have to shell out the cash myself if I really want to read something that’s not available at the library.

These comics need a loving home.  Or at least one more stop before they end up in the recycle bin.

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I haven’t checked your blog since the end of October, and I was rewarded today with a heap of new posts! Nice one. I am commenting here in the hopes of snagging some of those fine comics/graphic novels to send to sister Caitlin who digs them and is short on funds due to her own pre-library-school schooling and big-city lifestyle.

I heart comics. I read fart party over and over again and laugh at the exact same jokes every time. and I still keep hoping that Archie will wake up and realize that Betty is such a better girl to be wooing. Veronica is a bitch.

pick me!

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