Mom’s Nintendo Wii was stolen

The Nintendo Wii I tracked down more than two months ago and eagerly anticipated giving to my Mom for Christmas was stolen right out of my luggage on my trip from Boston to Seattle.

I packed my stuff, took the bus to the subway to the bus to the airport and arrived in good time on Christmas Eve evening. The nice ticket agent checked me in right away (there’s never a line at the Alaska Airlines desk in Boston) and threw my Wii stuffed bag on the conveyor belt.

Right from baggage claim on the other end I noticed the zipper on my bigger suitcase was a little open. A few steps later the bag looked noticeably droopy as the Wii box had made the soft sides look squared.

At that point my heart sank and I think I knew what had happened. A frantic look inside confirmed my suspicion that a sticky fingered baggage handler or whatever kind of airport employee had taken my lovingly acquired Nintendo Wii. My Mom’s Christmas present. On Christmas Eve.

Call me naive but my one concern with checking the Wii in my luggage was that it would be damaged. But I figured that it was tucked into its packaging and surrounded by some clothes.

Here is what I have learned:

  • Alaska Airlines reserves the right to steal electronics from checked luggage
  • Alaska Airlines employees have no kind words or sympathy for victims of stolen Christmas presents
  • People steal stuff (I have “learned” this many times, perhaps this is a refresher)
  • Vans are the perfect shoe for airport security

So since TSA inspected my bag, my only recourse is to file a claim with them. That should be a great success.

I did not bring my own Wii thinking we’d play Mom’s. So I am Wiiless on what should have been a Wii-filled Christmas (brother got a Wii from Mom and me). The money down the drain and the fact that I can’t just waltz into a store and buy a new one (scarce supply) was bothersome. Mom’s not having a big gift to open Christmas morning was more bothersome. Christmas was still awesome though and we’ll (brother and me) make it up to Mom whether she likes it or not.

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Those soulless airport people are rotten, cold-hearted, grinchy, awful thieves. Please send Mrs. Linda my condolences. You both are tremendously good sports, all things considered.

Boo! That’s incredibly sad and crappy. 🙁 They would have had to kick my out-of-control butt out of the airport after that one…they nearly kicked me out after United put my luggage on a slightly later flight and caused me to wait around for an extra 30 minutes. Looking back, that was a much, MUCH slighter offense compared to the Wii jacking.

I don’t know who stole my WII but I do know that the Alaska Airlines employees never even offered an “I’m sorry that happened to you” to me, didn’t offer to help get a claim submitted to TSA, acted like it was none of their concern.

I will cancel my Alaska Airlines Visa card. My daughter trusted them when she handed over her bag that they would make sure her baggage was handled with care and the Alaska Airlines employees are unconcerned with the fact that it wasn’t.

Very disappointing.

That is horrible Annie-JO!!!! I took mine on as carry-on because I had a bad feeling about it. Didn’t Katie’s brother get his stolen also? I can’t believe it.

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