Adventures in Brussels . . . sprouts

Today’s lunch menu featured roasted brussels sprouts.  I can’t remember ever eating the vegetable before, but we all know of their less than stellar reputation.  I cut them in half, put them in a hot oven with olive oil, salt and pepper and waited for a nice crisp brown exterior.

Honestly I was frightened of eating them.  They were decent.  Some were better than others (the smaller ones).  I bought a bag of them so I had no choice in which individual sprouts came home with me.  I might try selecting them with care and giving them another go.  It takes me awhile to warm to new things, anyway.

Anybody else have experience with the infamous sprout?

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When I was a kid we used to eat them boiled with butter and salt. Your dad grew them at least once and they were delicious but apparently you and Ben didn’t care for them.


I love the sprouts! I typically steam them and add salt and pepper. I have also roasted them with olive oil, onions, garlic, salt & pepper. Give them a shot, maybe they’ll grow on you…

The smaller the better in this case we found. Cut up in halves, coated in some good olive juice, fried up until crisp (flat and domed sides if desired…) then sprinkled in fleur de sel and tossed in grated pecorino romano. To be served immediately off the stove. Not much wait here as the small infamous guys should be done up in 5-10 minutes!

Okay, it sounds like I need to give this veggie another go. I am willing. I will find some small ones, make sure they get nice and crispy. Garlic sounds like a nice idea and cheese makes everything better.

cut in half and brown them in olive oil or bacon fat till they are crispy, put a splash of water on them and cover to finish them off. put the sprouts aside wipe the pan out and return to stove on high. add maybe half a cup (if you are cooking just enough for you) of balsamic vinegar and reduce until it is syrupy and thick. add just a little butter to thicken it further. coat the sprouts and serve hot. i like to add bacon but i cant remember if you are into swine anymore. this is a really yummy way to get to know the sprouts.

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