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The Break-Up Diet

This single mom break-up story has great potential due to some unique elements. Exotic dancing to pay the bills and homeschooling a misunderstood son while working towards a writing career makes for an intriguing mix. Unfortunately, a few flaws made the book less enjoyable than I had hoped.

It is a compelling story and I had no trouble turning page after page, but the cluttered somewhat clunky writing started getting in the way of my reading enjoyment. Her son is charming and that mother-son relationship is a great piece of the story. There are some great scenes and I was certainly never bored, but I felt like the rest needed a little something.

As with any break-up, it’s easy for an outsider to pass quick judgment on the situation and I found myself in that very position, frustrated that she wasn’t just getting over it already and moving on. One contributing factor was that I just never felt like I got a sense of the weight of the relationship and so found it hard to really feel the heartbreak. And I think that’s essential in this type of tale.

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