Eye-Fi, you spy

This new gadget I’ve got is really the cat’s pajamas. The Eye-Fi wireless memory card does exactly what it says it will and has banished my camera’s USB cable to a dusty corner. I snap some pictures, leave my camera on for a few moments and like magic they appear in both my online web albums and my computer’s photo folder. No fuss, no muss, just take the pictures and wait (ever so briefly) for them to appear from clouds of fairy dust.

My friends, family members and stalkers can enjoy the benefits. There are a few shots up in my Picasa Web Albums.

Now no post should go without the thousand words a picture has to offer. So I’ll give you my latest obsession, the Meyer lemon. I’ve just been squeezing them into beverages and sleeping with them under my pillow. Anybody have any good recipes to take advantage of these lemons?

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cousin- cant say i have had a side by side between meyer and regular lemons. do you really taste a big difference? how about key and regular limes? regular and elephant garlic? baguettes and rolls? i suppose this requires some study. i shall commence to eating immediately.

Well, they definitely have a different taste. I am not good enough with the words to describe it. Maybe I am on the verge or scurvy and that’s why I am so compelled to eat them.

Plus they smell very delicious. I imagine a really good regular lemon might be just as fragrant, though.

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