For those not in the know, the favicon is that little image that appears in the address bar of your browser and on tabs and sometimes other places.

Currently a little red letter ‘E’ is the favicon here at Easysticks. A lot of other lazy website owners also have some form of the first letter of the site as a favicon. I wish not to be associated with these people so I need your help.

Any favicon ideas? Something that represents this site? Something that represents me?

7 replies on “Favicon”

Oh man, another good one. I wonder if I can get his tiny bald head into that small square of pixels.

Shoo-dang, it’s gonna be hard to choose one now. Too many good ideas, too few pixels.

it’s so small, it could be like the thing on the back of the children’s magazine I used to get that was like ranger rick but NOT ranger rick that had the close up photos of things like basketballs and leaves and one had to guess what they were. you can change it weekly and have us guess what it is. you on your madass, oliver, a nipple, and so on.

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