More on LibraryThing

I don’t like to keep a lot of books around, so I use LibraryThing to record which books I have read, not which books I actually own copies of.

I’ve mentioned my LibraryThing usage in a previous post and since I’m planning a little change, I thought I’d mention it again. I finally surpassed the 200 books that LibraryThing allows in a free account and so have purchased a lifetime membership. This new status allows me unlimited book entries and I have decided to add the back catalog of books that I have read in order to make a more complete online collection. (There will be titles in the sidebar that aren’t ‘recently read’ during this process.)

I have kept a record of my reading habits for many years now, so when I have finished adding everything from my old book database, my LibraryThing account will contain every book that I have read back to the fall of 2002, along with some titles that I had remembered reading before that time.

Annie Jo on LibraryThing (soon to be a more complete record of my book consumption)