Signed, sealed, delivered

The people have spoken.

7 people encouraged a big screen and wanted to play some Mario Kart, 3 people said to go for it if I wanted and one person objected on the grounds of earth-harming consumerism.

Now, I don’t live my life according to how people vote on my website. But I did buy a new television.

After reading reviews and doing other research, I ordered up the model I wanted from Amazon as it was available there for the cheapest price. The local delivery company dropped it off over the weekend and I am in business. I don’t have anything HD, but the new TV is already a blast. Mario Kart is amazing, the Netflix looked great and regular television is even a little sharper than before.

I thought about taking a picture to post here, but I think I’ll just link to the product page (I’ll link to, since I like them better than Amazon).

Full cable? HD? Who has it? Do I need it?

3 replies on “Signed, sealed, delivered”

I know very little about cable. Like you, I grew up on a dirt road in a small fishing village where cable wasn’t even available. We had to travel 45 mins to Grandma’s house if we wanted our MTV.

I have never quite recovered from the deprivations of a network-TV childhood. To this day, I am so captivated by the magic of cable that I am completely unable to communicate with another person if there is a television on within 20 yards of me. Especially if it is playing some trash like “Living Lohan” or “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated.” Oh, and yes, I think you should get cable.

Too right. I know cable is inevitable. With the new TV, I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

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