Summer music

If you’re looking for something new for a road trip or plane ride this summer, check out the new album from Girl Talk. It’s available for download at whatever price you want to pay.

Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

I’ve given it a few listens on the road and on the bus. So far so great. If you’re unfamiliar with Girl Talk, it’s a DJ remixing and putting together a big old amazing mashup. The songs sample from and cycle through some great hits from the past, all layered together in a brilliant mix.

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I enjoy the new Girl Talk as well.if you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of SWV.I was a big fan

I have recently discovered mashups myself… very fun. dropping by the ‘sticks to say ‘hello’ 🙂 Also of note: i am now the proud owner of if you go there currently however, there is nothing. H.E.L.P. !!

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