Start it up again

Hopefully this post is better late than never.  I was out west a week ago, spending time with nephew Oliver and the rest of the family.

We made some funny faces.

We had some good times.

Oliver showed me all of his amazing new tricks. All at once. Sitting up. Rolling around. Pulling himself up. I was impressed.

I also discovered the Chocodile.  Unfortunately, just like my baby nephew, it is only available on the West Coast.  Now that I think about it, I can see that this is just another persuasion technique employed by my very own family.

“Chocodiles and cute babies,” they say.  “All this could be yours.”

2 replies on “Start it up again”

Chocodiles and cute babies indeed, and your mother and your brother. Sees candy. A shopping partner. Someone to hem your pants. Your kitty Crosby, etc etc

Love, Mom

AND your friend lana who is getting better and better at cooking delicious vegetarian delights!!

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