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The Twilight Saga

I have finally finished this vampire series. As a whole, it was a great set of books.  Even though I rated most of the books as fours, with one even less than that, I give the series as a whole a 4.5.  The story gave me something to ponder for quite awhile and each book had me looking forward to picking it back up again when I wasn’t reading. Lately I have been finding fewer and fewer books so compelling, so I think these are quite an accomplishment.

Certainly there are flaws.  The writing can be just slightly cringeworthy at times and I felt that, even as the longest book of the series, Breaking Dawn was a bit rushed.  It seemed that the development of relationships between characters was sacrificed in order to move the story along.  I don’t want to give anything away here so I don’t think I want to explain any further.

The entertainment value of these books outweighs any negatives in my opinion.  I haven’t looked forward to reading so much in quite awhile.  And I love to read.

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Yea! I’m glad you liked them! I had heard about them for some time, but was convinced I wouldn’t be interested in a book about vampires…too scary. But, desperate for a book on an impromptu flight, I picked up the first one at the airport bookstore and now I am obsessed… Stephenie definitely draws you in to her world and creates an experience for her readers. I only hope the first movie comes close to the books.

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