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I rocked the vote before work this morning.  There wasn’t much of a line.  My polling place is right across the street, which is nice.  What isn’t nice is the lack of ‘I Voted’ stickers.  To let everyone know I did indeed vote, I wore my election shoes.

To continue the festivities tonite, I am making an all-American dinner of pizza.  I may even drink an all-American beer to celebrate (or drown my sorrows).

How was everyone’s voting experience?  My ballot was paper, with bubbles that get filled in using a felt tip pen.  Massachusetts had three ballot questions and I hope I answered them the way that I meant to answer.

Just in case anyone forgot or something and just in case this website has any influence at all, go vote!

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I was expecting big lines and was pleased to find an extremely short one. Now that I vote in Massachusetts I kind of miss the voting booths in New York. It’s pretty awesome to pull back the curtain with a gigantic swing of the lever.

Since I vote where you do you already know I didn’t get a sticker. Who pays for those stickers, anyway? And why don’t we get one???

Yea for voting! I also rocked the vote today, and you’re not the only person i’ve heard complain about the lack of voting stickers – though, i heard rumors of some library patrons having them. So they must be given out somewhere…

I didn’t get a sticker either, and whined about it all morning until a dad at storytime gave me his 🙂

Up at 5:45, in line at 6, out by 6:35. New Hampshire has the fill in the bubbled sheets as well, which I quite liked. Made me feel like I was in college again.

I got a sticker from the lady at the booth where you drop off your absentee ballot. I got a free coffee at Starbucks too. I mailed my ballot weeks ago.

I voted absentee like Miss Linda. Didn’t they used to include a sticker with the absentee ballot?

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