Lunch solution

When the weather turns cool, I usually switch from sandwiches to soup for my lunch at work.  Carrying the soup has been a bit of a problem.  I first bought the usual plastic bowl with a lid.  It worked okay for keeping the soup contained and heating in the microwave, but it stained easily.  Next up was a slightly better plastic container that was easily to clean and left no soupy stains.

Then I started hearing the scary stories about poisonous plastic and sure enough the hard container was one of the worst offenders when it came to BPAs and whatnot.  I kept my eyes peeled for a new solution, but before I had found my answer the container cracked.

I had tried a nice glass container with a plastic lid that worked for most food, but wasn’t leak proof enough for soup.

Finally I have arrived at the Thermos.  The stainless steel is, as far as I’m aware, not toxic.  The vacuum seal both prevents leaks and keeps my soup warm enough to eat by the time lunch rolls around. So far so good with this solution.

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What kind of thermos is that? It is very foxy looking, and I also am always on the look out for a good soup solution…

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