Remember this?

I didn’t really either, until I was clearing out some comics from the book shelf.  Looks like I never finished reading it.  I’d hate to think there are any gems of wisdom left unread, so I guess I’ll pick up where I left off.  Hopefully the guy doesn’t use the ‘bunkle’ term too much more in the remaining pages.

Oliver’s first Christmas is coming up.  What does a good aunt get for a one year old?  I also have to start early with not forgetting to celebrate both the holiday and his birthday.  No cheating from me, I promise.

Today is a day off for me.  Thank you Veterans.  For the day off and everything else.

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Coltan is 15 months now and is in LOVE LOVE LOVE with Elmo Live. If you push his toe Elmo will say “I just wanted to tell you that Elmo loves you…Mmmm huh…yep.” and then Elmo blows him a kiss which sends Coltan into a furry of giggles. Coltan will point at it and call out “Almo! Almo!!” This is something that Santa will be leaving under our tree this year. It is a bit spendy but from what I can tell, might be worth it.

Man, that Elmo sticks around. He was the hot toy for Christmas like ten years ago. Fisher Price knows how to put out hits for the little kids, that’s for sure.

Annie, as an English teacher, I must demand that at least one of Oliver’s presents is a book. Then, you should get him a savings bond. A $25 one, or something silly like that. Then, you can get him a cool thing, like: fisher price people, blocks, or guitar hero.

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