Holiday baking

Yes, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I am preparing for holiday baking.  My dear Mom (wow Mom, you’re showing up a lot in my blog these days) used to slave over the stove near Christmas pumping out a dozen or more varieties of cookies.  Swiss butterhorns, fudge, pecan pie bars, peanut butter blossoms, Cain candy and of course, sugar cookie cutouts.

This year, I plan on pumping out a variety of cookies myself.  I found some red and green sprinkles on sale at the store, but I am still lacking the cookie cutters.  What shapes does everyone else use?  I remember a tree, a snowman, maybe a Santa.  This is my chance to build a collection of my own, though.  So what should it be?  Anybody in my neck of the woods know a good spot to get these puppies?

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tree, snowman, santa, snowflake, gingerbread boy, star and bell. I used to get them at ace hardware in the harbor. Any cooking store should have them. Nice to hear you have fond memories of my baking. I enjoyed it. My mom always did a lot of holiday baking.

You should know that your chocolate chip cookie recipe is in my cookbook under “Annie’s chocolate chip cookies” from middle/high school and everyone loves them! I bring them to work often and everybody says they are the best… I’m sure the other varieties are just as mouthwatering! Enjoy your baking hour…

i enjoy decorating cookies around the holidays. my fav shapes are: stars, gingerbread men, xmas trees, reindeer, and snowmen. i can’t say i have great cookie recipes to share….i stick with the basic sugar cookie recipe.

i sure did love your mom’s peanut butter blossoms!

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