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For many years now I have been drinking tea pretty much daily.  So what’s in my daily cuppa?  Generally I’ll go for the Republic of Tea PassionFruit Papaya black tea blend.  I started drinking it when it was known as Zen Dream Tea and had a bit of a meltdown when they changed the name because I thought it had been done away with.  Luckily the PassionFruit Papaya appears to be an exact match.  I buy in bulk, 250 bags at a time.

Around the holidays I like to mix it up a little and brew up some Tea of Good Tidings, also from the Republic of Tea.  It’s a little fruity with some hints of holiday spice.  Another one of my favorites during the holiday season is Joy from Starbucks.

So those are my tea habits.  What kinds of tea does everyone else favor?

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Personally, I turn to coffee for my daily jolt, so I like my teas herbal and sweet:

Yogi Teas Licorice Spice
Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma (with honey and soy milk)

And I have a soft spot for Republic of Tea Mango Ceylon (which is delicious) because your brother gave me a cannister of it on our first date when I had a cold.

Ooh, I’ve never heard of Roastaroma before. It looks delicious. This is why I love comments.

I might remember my brother calling me and asking for tea recommendations . . .

I still love Market Spice tea. They have it at Gene Juarez and sometimes I have a cup while I’m waiting.

I tend to stick with good ol’ reliable English Breakfast Tea from Twinings. I’m also a fan of cranberry-flavored black tea from the Metropolitan Tea Co. I’ll have to try some of these flavors from the Republic of Tea. They sound good!

I’m drinking cranberry flavored black tea right now! Katie brought it home from Teavana for me to try.

I have been known to purchase tea in bulk from The Republic as well. It’s usually Yerba Mate Latte though. Lately I’ve been doing the good ole Stash green tea sampler and Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile.

I should give green tea a try again.

Oh yeah, you used to live in Celestial Seasonings country!

I like Sleepy Time Tea from Celestial Seasonings. There’s a sleepy bear on the package. I’m pretty sure the ingredients include a sprinkling of tears from teddy bears.

I am on a Yogi tea kick right now- I like the Fasting and Echinacea Immune Support since I am around germs all day. I like red roobis as well. Matthieu makes tea from “scratch” all the time. He grates ginger, adds lavender, chamomile, licorice root, whatever he feels like and simmers it all together. yummy.

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