Late to the reusable party

After many guilt-filled trips through the Trader Joe’s checkout line, I have finally purchased a reusable bag.  Though I have forgotten to bring it along on every subsequent trip, it’s bound to catch on with me one of these days.

This one was cheap ($.99) and soft.   Hopefully I can use some of my brown paper bag stash as gift wrap this Christmas.  It is a recession.  I think I’ve used the word ‘recession’ in most of my posts this month.

3 replies on “Late to the reusable party”

Good posting for “green” week! And, for me, it is a much more appetizing pic than that of the brussel sprouts…

Annie, you are a chip off the old block. I, too have a lovely green bag from QFC which I keep in the trunk of my car, but never remember to take into the store with me.

Today I actually used my Trader Joe’s bag! And I bought another bag from the regular grocery store and used it too!

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