Pie on my mind

Instead of birthday cake, I always want birthday pie.  That’s why I love Thanksgiving.  Pie is generally the dessert of choice for this meal.  So, which pie would you most like to dig into next week?


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I know that voting is sacred in this country and we don’t have to tell what we did in the voting booth, but maybe people want to speak up about their pie choices? I voted for apple! I love an apple pie on Thanksgiving. For that matter, I LOVE Thanksgiving in general. It’s my favorite holiday. Soooo…others?

I voted for berry, because I love cobbler. But, I wanted to vote for more… Pumpkin and Cheesecake are close seconds for me!

Chris and I voted for squash pie because that’s what his mom always makes. (It tastes like pumpkin pie, though, so no big diff). We wrote it in in the “other section”. But it’s not even listed! What’s the deal?!? Our voice(s) are not being heard! I demand a recount!

Hmm, I don’t know why it didn’t take. I added squash for you.

Hopefully Pie Vote 2008 isn’t tainted forever due to this disenfranchisement.

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