Hello 44

Wearing my inauguration sneakers (you may remember them as my election sneakers), I watched the swearing in and ate my slice of Obama cake.  The Presidential seal frosting was a little chewy.  I watched on the big screen with a lot of other people from the school.  What did everyone else do?

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watched on a big screen (usually used for teleconferencing) at our neighboring architects’ office. unfortunately, there was no cake. I enjoyed the show though. Go 44!

A few of us gathered around my coworker’s computer with Kleenexes at the ready. It was a great show. I’m wearing my ‘Ballard For Obama’ button with pride.

I tried to stream it at work, but it was choppy at best 🙁 But there was a lot of catty talk going on among people and I couldn’t enjoy it fully anyway…..

I watched the inauguration on the new tv at my library, and since no one else in my building was showing it, we got quite a few people in the library to watch it. Honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever had that many people in my library at one time! It was great; Obama’s speech was inspiring!

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