1000 pieces

After another dumping of snow last weekend left me unwilling to leave the house, I was bit by the puzzle bug.  Okay, I did leave the house to purchase the puzzle, but it was totally worth it.

I finished this warm beach scene in a few days and wasn’t even sick of the whole thing at the end, so I’ll likely be going back for another.  I don’t know, I might even bump it up to 1500 pieces.

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The warm beach scene didn’t make you itch to get out of the snow? I tried Suduko for the first time when we had so much snow last month…Heather would be proud!

Yes, the warm beach scene was me being mean to me.

Man I have done my fair share of Sudoku. My skills didn’t ever really progress beyond the easy or medium-easy level, though.

Bun, do you have a tangrams set? Is that where yo have the shapes and have to make a bigger shape?

I have a daily tangrams calendar – yup, it’s the bad boy with all the shapes. I think you’d enjoy it!

Our library has puzzles for check out. I bet Watertown does too! Then you can save your $$$. Puzzles are never as fun the second time around. Well, to me anyway.

We usually take a puzzle with us on big family vacations. The whole family spends hours sitting at a table together working on it.

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