My Super Bowl pick

Just kidding.  I don’t know much about NFL, but it does seem like the Steelers are expected to win and I like cheering for an underdog.  So, go Cardinals!

Mostly I love the Super Bowl for an excuse to eat nachos and drink beer. I do wish it came on a little earlier over here on the Atlantic coast.

Anybody else making nachos?  Or something equally delicious?  Who are you rooting for?

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Remember the super bowl we went over to Jen’s and made lots of totally super-bowl esque foods? like chili and melty-cheese nachos? that was ages ago. yikes lady, we’re getting older.

As you can probably imagine, Damon and I are huge Cards fans. We are most excited that they made it to the Superbowl and know that they have what it takes to win! win! win!.
Meanwhile while they are playing and I am sitting on my butt cheering them on, I plan to eat tater tots. I think we are going to get a couple of sauces to go with them so we can have a dunking fest.

Lana, we may be getting older, but we are not old yet!

Tater tots sound delicious. I think I’m going to have to add them to my lineup. Hmm, I bet I could stick a few under that blanket of nacho cheese.

Um, I guess I might watch it and make some football food (pizza?). Where are the cardinals from?

Guess you got your love of the game from me.

Haha, thanks Mom. Pizza sounds like good football food to me.

The Cardinals are from Arizona. Maybe your future home 🙂

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