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Enough already.  I know I haven’t updated in a long, much too long, while.  If you want some excuses, here they are.

  • It’s winter (in case I had forgotten, the blizzard yesterday was a good reminder that the nastiness is far from over just because it’s March)
  • I am still fighting off a winter cold
  • Um, it’s winter?

So, why don’t you write the post?  I’m obviously stuck in a rut.  So make it happen for me.  I need something new.  If not brand new to the world, then brand new to me.  New music, new book, new movie, new recipe, new hobby, new game, new product, new anything.  Whatcha got?

7 replies on “Give me something to talk about”

i saw today in publishers weekly that you can download Will Eisners “a contract with God” as an ipod touch/iphone app. That’s pretty remarkable, right? It could revolutionize graphic novels.

We could use any input on planning a weeklong birthday trip to Disney World. Does anyone have tips, favorite restaurants/attractions?

I think I heard that in Japan a lot of comics/manga come out for mobile phones. That could be neat. Just subscribe and have each issue magically appear.

Mommer, I ordered a book about getting a ‘luxury’ experience at Disney. Maybe they have some unique tips.

I really liked “Slam”. Thanks for the tip. Can you give me another one? C’mon, one more. Just one. I only need one. How about it? What you got? I’m ready.

how about that awesome new website ( for that awesome new contractor in seattle? (seriously, i am laid off so if you know anybody that needs a few nails pounded…) maybe you could talk about the new state of the economy. or you could post some of the interesting questions or topics you get asked on a daily basis. i bet you get some wierd ones.

Brother, I don’t know if you ever read The Kid by Dan Savage, but I quite enjoyed it. Plus Mom saw him at the Ballard farmer’s market.

Cousin, I got your site all linked up and ready to rock. I have a door that has started mysteriously closing on its own. Too bad you don’t live closer.

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