Cheap booze

My liquor cabinet was dry and it was time to resupply.  I went to snag new versions of what was empty but stopped short when I saw the price.  I couldn’t remember if I had really been paying that much for a bottle of bourbon, but the proof was right there on the price tag.  So I let my eyes drift downward and recalled reading something about underrated cheaper liquor.  I recalled the story well enough to remember Evan Williams being reviewed as the best, so I decided to try something different.

Well, apparently I’m not the only one shunning top shelf choices.  The New York Times reports that less expensive liquor is popular right now.

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Are Captain Morgan and Smirnoff premium brands? I wish they had a Trader Joe’s brand. Perhaps cutting back on liquor consumption is another alternative?

I bet Trader Joe’s brand would be tasty. Maybe they have it in places where liquor is sold in grocery stores.

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