Double the meow

Lincoln’s aunt Molly is in town while her folks are out of town.  This means two furry beasts in the house.  It also makes for some hissing and growling.

Think they can work out their differences and become pals?

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Hmmmm….when Bill and I combined households thus forcing our kitties together, they ended up each claiming one side of the apartment. If one would cross over the “border” it would be followed by chasing and hissing. Sadly, they never really grew all that tollerant of each other. Sigh.

This reminds me of Brittany’s two chiauaua’s and TJ’s cat Sydney. They square off all the time. Since they dont actually attack each other, it’s pretty funny to watch.

With evan moving back into my house in the next months, I have only to hope that co-habitation is possible 🙂

It’s looking like they might end up somewhere between Heather and Chelsey’s comments. Not quite fast friends in two days but maybe not opposite ends of the house.

Lincoln seems to be getting a kick out of the whole thing, but they definitely aren’t snuggled together on the couch.

Lana – just don’t use your claws on Evan and let him sniff around your toilet. You should be fine.

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