St. Patrick

I will not be joining in the craziness of St. Patties in the greater Boston area, but I did make green beer.  Food coloring probably rots the cells in my body or something, but I have a bunch from making Christmas cookies and I’ve never had green beer.  I feel like my mom used to make green pancakes or something for the holiday (is that true Mom?).

You left coasters should also know that Boston celebrates Evacuation Day today, with some lucky folks getting the day off.

What’s everyone else doing?  Corned beef and cabbage?  General beer drinking?  Potatoes galore?

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Yum and yum. I will have parsley pesto and scrambled eggs with parsley. And a Guinness for that matter.

P.S. Yes, I did make green pancakes once or twice and also sugar cookies shaped like shamrocks and iced with green frosting.

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