Welcome to Major League Soccer

Sounders FC came in like a lion in their first MLS game. We’ll see whether it was just beginner’s luck as the season progresses.

Okay, I must admit the jerseys aren’t the only green here. I am jealous. Seattle is crazy about this new team and I’m jealous. Even Mom is getting in on the action.

The Revolution doesn’t compare. The games are great fun, but the crowd is small, with a few attendees always poking fun at the whole thing as they watch from their company’s free seats.

Lucky for me, I hope to take in a Sounders match when I am out west next weekend.

But I’m still a Revs fan.

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We love you Sounders, we do

We love you Sounders, we do

We love you Sounders, Hey,
Ho, Sounders we love you.

Come and get some you Revs!

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