This little toddler ran me into the ground.

From Elliot & Kristen

Elliot and Kristen came all the way from Idaho to dig in the dirt. And pet sheep.

From Elliot & Kristen

To earn her room and board, Elliot showed us how to work the computer.

From Elliot & Kristen

Thanks for coming guys, and thanks for giving us a chance to go to the neighborhood park without looking creepy.

6 replies on “Visitors”

What a cutie pie! I’m glad you guys had fun! Elliot looks soooo much like Kristen!

Wow! They grow fast, don’t they? Elliot is such a big girl compared to when we saw her at the reunion. She does look just like Kristen. Looks like you guys had a great time.

yes, I must agree. Elliot is wonderful, and precious, and super cute. and we are a lot alike…

We had a blast in Boston and can’t wait to go back some day….Boise is tooooo hot!

Come back during the fall sometime. There’s apple picking. And leaves. And stuff.

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