Pie primer from my perspective

Now the birthday countdown sits at exactly one month.  So, if anyone is planning on presenting me with pie (ahem), I thought I might run down some of my favorites.

  • Berry pies – raspberry has traditionally been known as my top favorite, probably because that’s what Mom used to make.  I also like blackberry, marionberry and fresh strawberry.  Or a bumble of berries together.
  • Citrus – lemon meringue is another traditional favorite of mine, but I also enjoy key lime.
  • Other fruit – I definitely like apple pie and I probably like other fruits like peach (note: probably not rhubarb)
  • Custardy or creamy – banana cream pie is delicious and I have enjoyed a slice or two of vanilla custard pie or pecan pie
  • Chocolatey, cookie, candy – I like these too.  Chocolate pudding pie, other pudding pie, cookies in pie, peanut butter or caramel or pie involving ice cream or whipped cream or whatever.  I’ll take them all.

Are there any I’m missing that you know I like?

I most definitely want pie now.  So bring it on.

10 replies on “Pie primer from my perspective”

Okay, okay. So . . . I just wanted to list some pies.

You know, because people keep asking.

Sooooooo….the only good pie receipe I have was actually the one given to me from your mom about 10 years ago. It’s for blackberry pie and trust me, it’s my favorite. I make it a lot actually. Warm pie with vanilla bean ice-cream. Wow. Perfect.

That blackberry pie is my personal favorite. I worked up that recipe myself, couldn’t find one in a cookbook. I’m glad to hear my legacy lives on.

Mom, you may take yourself out of the running, but you still have to bake a pie for my party.

Chelsey, you are making me wish I had a slice of warm pie with vanilla bean ice cream for breakfast.

Darn you.

There’s nothing wrong with pie for breakfast. My mom is a huge advocate for breakfast pie!

My dad used to eat pie for breakfast. Until we were old enough to realize we, too, wanted pie for breakfast. I think he had to switch to oatmeal when that happened.

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