Cookie cake pie

Good for all occasions.  To celebrate Laura and Peter’s recent engagement (congratulations guys!), I whipped up this creation that I discovered on the internet.  Pie crust, followed by a layer of chocolate chip cookie, followed by cake.  I went with Betty Crocker rainbow chip.  The whole thing gets frosted and voilà!  Cookie cake pie.

It turned out fairly delicious and the combination possibilities are endless. Peanut butter cookie with chocolate cake comes to mind.  Here’s the recipe.

Cookie Cake Pie recipe via CakeSpy

5 replies on “Cookie cake pie”

Thanks, Annie and Annie’s mom! The cookie cake pie was DELICIOUS. And what a professional looking photo we have here, with Mr. Lincoln in the background.

I too noticed, but neglected to comment on, the professional looking photo of the cookie cake pie, avec le bon chat Lincoln.

Annie Jo,
You have achieved the mythical bliss that I have for years wished existed. No wonder why we are such good friends.

Hmm, I seem to remember a Kate-made peanut butter frosting. That would be perfect on top of the cookie cake pie.

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