Joined up!  The Costco, that is.  I am once again a member at the wholesale warehouse club extraordinaire.  So, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a Costco card.  First of all, the pictures are as truly hideous as I remembered.  Second of all, I’m not up on the latest and greatest Costco deals.

The first cart full of goods included toilet paper, Kleenex and fresh pineapple (thanks for that reco, Laura!).  I think they have veggie sausage patties, but I forgot to get them.  My next trip I’ll be sure to grab those.

What else do I need to include?  What are your favorite Costco buys?

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I saw a bag of frozen sweet potato fries that I want to try. The cheese is a steal if you can figure out how to freeze it properly and not waste it. Kitty litter of course, let’s see now, beer, tortillas, lettuce, bacon.

Yah for Costco! I like their salsa, but I can never eat it fast enough to make buying the giant tub worthwhile. It is yummy, though. I like to walk down the candy aisle and stroke the giant boxes of candy treats, but hardly ever buy them. They have giant bags of frozen chicken breasts which will do you no good, so ignore that….Their fresh take-and-bake pizzas aren’t bad in a pinch, and they have a delicious spinach and mozzarella ravioli in the frozen section. Also, grapes are usually cheap-ish there, as well as cherries, in season. Oh yeah, they have big boxes of Kashi TLC granola bars that I love. Sooo….I guess I like a lot of stuff at Costco….what a loser, eh?

Yay! I’m glad to hear that you’re enlisted and that you got the pineapple. It’s yummy, right? We’re going to Costco this evening… maybe we’ll see you there?!

Ooh, I’m definitely gonna look for sweet potato fries. Bacon might be dangerous. I would eat it all.

Amanda, I also walked down the candy aisle oohing and aahing but buying nothing. So you’re the loser when I’m the one who posted to my blog just to say I’d joined Costco? I don’t think so lady. We’re both losers. Hee!

I have some pineapple for a mid-morning snack today!

There is some sort of beer and wine store inside the Costco (weird MA booze laws), which I have heard offers good discounts. I’ll have to check it out next time.

Our norms are diapers, milk, eggs, chicken, dog food…BUT…I doubt you guys go through that like we do. However, I really do like the Gardenburgers…YUM!!! And, they have a wonderful cheese selection.

Cheese! I did see some yummy looking cheese. I also got some veggie burgers. Not sure if they were Gardenburgers exactly but they were tas-ty.

ask and ye shall receive: wine, beer, veggie burgers, morningstar veggie sausage, kitty litter, coffee, fiber one bars, fruit & veggies.

I’m seeing a nice pattern here of what is actually good at Costco. I need to get some snack type things. Some bars of some sort.

costco is a great place for non-parishables and party stockups. tp, paper towels, olive oil, peanut butter, dishwashing detergent, laundry soap, frozen goods (jennifer got some black bean burgers she loves) etc. but beware their coupon book where you buy three times as much as you can use, or something you dont need alltogether just because its an irresistable price! its a love/hate relationship.

Well, I’m a little late to this conversation, but since I just recently went to Costco (about a month ago – I only usually go once a year because I spend so much money), here’s my two cents (or actually $253, which is what I spent there!) I bought a wonderful crate of sweet potatoes, and a big delicious bag of avocados (from Chile unfortunately – I would have preferred them to be from my home state of CA.) I bought a 12 pack of Amy’s vegetarian soups; a big block of this wonderful Irish cheddar; a huge container of Sabra hummus; and a huge bag of those mini Babybel cheeses. Then I got a big box of 30 gal. trash bags; reams of printer paper and my favorite 3 pack of reading glasses. There’s more: huge container of dishwasher detergent and a huge thing of Woolite. Anyway – those are the kinds of things I usually get. I love that place!

So lots of cheese and some household goods? I was eyeing that Irish cheddar. Maybe on my next trip.

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