Just in time

My happy harvest Mom Care Package arrived just in time.  It was soooo nice to put on these cushy socks after having wet feet all day from a morning monsoon. The flannel pj’s were just icing on the cake.

Thanks for the October loungewear Mom!

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So festive, I love it! I’ve got a little pumpkin outside the door to my place and little ones all over the inside. Happy autumn!!

Well, maybe if you moved across the country your mom would send you a harvest day package.

I have a little pumpkin too!

Yep, you keep waiting for that package. Check the mail every day.

Maybe your Mom & Annie club membership card will come at the same time.

Candy corns indeed! Maybe Oliver needs some candy corn socks.

Grandma Linda better see if she can find toddler sized ones.

Hi Oliver!

Listen everyone, my feet may look like candy corn, but they are not candy corn.

So no eating my feet please.


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