It’s Friday night, and as happens on many Friday nights, I’m having nachos for dinner.

Do you have a favorite Friday night dinner?  Pizza?  Fajitas?

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When you and Ben were kids we had “clean out the refrigerator” on Friday night, we each had a different leftover or, if there wasn’t much I had a Round Table pizza delivered at work and brought it home, hungry and smelling the pizza all the way to Peacock Hill!

So, do you use the microware or the oven for your nachos? I think the oven is the only way to melt the cheese otherwise the chips gets too bendy.

Well, on Fridays, I microwave them. If I’m serving them to guests, I go for the oven. Bendy chips are gross.

When I use the microwave, I only do a single serving at a time. I think it helps prevent the bendy chip.

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