While on my recent family vacation, my brother reintroduced the idea of hard cider.  I sampled a few back in the days before I liked beer but then mostly forgot all about it.  Once the idea was back in my head, I was itching to give it another go.

In the liquor store, it dawned on me that I have no idea how to choose cider.  Granted, there aren’t that many options here in the United States, but I still felt a little intimidated.  I spotted Harpoon and snagged it because they generally do a good job of things.

I cracked one open this weekend.  I was expecting it to be fizzier than it was, but overall it was good.

Anybody else drink hard cider?  Any suggestions for what to buy?

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Strongbow is my favorite but it might be hard to track down. Woodchuck is pretty good and they’re in Vermont so I would think you could find some nearby. I like how they describe their ciders….

“Crisp and refreshing because they’re made from apples, never woodchucks.”

Matthieu’s favorite cider is “cidre fermier brut”. A Breton cider, of course. But cider in America is not nearly as good as in other places. I wonder why this is? Locally, if you see Pom’or Tradition from Quebec try it.

In the Spanish province of Asturias, cider is a big deal. It’s a tasty drink, but it’s also about the presentation. You have to pour the cider from as far above the tiny glass as your arm can reach (they say it does something to the enhance the flavor). Needless to say this gets harder and more comical the more cider you have. So if you find any cider from Asturias, buy it up!

Well, maybe cider will catch on here?

My internets searching also pointed towards Woodchuck, so I’ll try to scoop some of that up.

I do think I saw Strongbow at the seedy liquor store. But maybe that’s just wishful remembering.

I’ll let you know if I attempt the long arm pour.

Well if the one arm is pouring, I’m not sure how the other arm is going to be photographing.

Hee! Probably a movie is best to capture this one.

I like Magners a lot. It’s sort of the schwag of ciders, but it is reliably good and fizzy delish. It is an Irish cider, so it is most definitely available ’round Beantown, and probably therefore H20town.

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