Against me

Do you ever feel that the world is conspiring against you?  Sigh.

Over the weekend, I cashed in all my coins at one of those machines in the grocery store.  I felt a sense of accomplishment.  Got a little extra cash for holiday shopping.


Then I read that the little machines, starting a day or so after my coin cashing, are throwing in an extra $10 when you cash in $40.  Yes, my change totaled just over $40.  ARGH!$@*&!!!!

I was going to write about cashing in coins because I’m curious about what other people do with coins.  I think my ma still rolls them up in those paper sleeves.  Is that right ma?  Do other people try to use their change as they get it?  Save it up for the machine?  Roll it themselves?

7 replies on “Against me”

We did Coinstar and chose the option- you don’t have to pay THEM then 🙂 WE had 70 some dollars worth of coins. Holy guacamole.

Wow, $40? $70?! Where do you people keep all this loose change? Mine goes in my desk drawer at work and then makes its way to the honor bar for my daily energy drink.

I roll it and take it to the bank for Oliver’s college fund. Also, he has a piggy bank at my house now and he loves to put his money in it.

I take mine to the bank, they sort it in their machine, and don’t charge me a fee for sorting all those coins! The last time I took some in, the teller asked me how much I thought I had and I said $40, maybe. Ended up with over $90!

I save mine up for the Coinstar machine and then, like Jackie, I select the Amazon gift card option so that there’s no fee. And then I get to choose something off my Amazon wishlist for free! Thanks, Coinstar!

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