Brown bag

Or silver thermos.  I generally bring my lunch to work.  In the thermos that I got last year around this time.

Sometimes I have soup or chili, sometimes there’s beans and rice to be found inside.  I generally cook up a big batch of something on Sunday for the upcoming work week.  Some days I ditch the thermos and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I’ve also been known to go out from time to time.

What does everybody else do?  Pack a sandwich?  Leftovers?  Out to eat?  Eat at home?

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I pack fruit, yogurt diet coke and a dessert most days. Once a week I like a little fast food, especially a Taco Time kids meal.

You can count on me to have either a Lean Cuisine or Health Choice frozen dinner in my purse every morning. And an apple. And then I usually go and cancel out all that healthiness each afternoon with some candy. It’s an evil cycle.

Usually leftovers. If the cupboard is bare, then it’s over to Boticelli for a panini. Today I had the misto: a delicious bit of spiced ham, roasted red peppers and some kind of white cheese. Also I took 30 minutes to read a bit more of the Hunger Games. delicious.

Ooh, the dangerous good book lunchtime read. It can be hard to get back to work.

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