Blockbuster update

I am ashamed to report that I’ve made little progress on my attempt to read ten blockbusters.  I picked up a Dean Koontz at Costco.  Not the one recommended to me, which was probably a mistake.  It has some medical stuff in it, which kind of gives me the heebie jeebies.  And not in the way Koontz intends.

Maybe this weekend I will finish it off and give my impressions.

I picked up a few other titles at the library to try out and was feeling a little sheepish when the frilly Nora Roberts cover passed under the barcode scanner.  But it’s all part of my mission.

2 replies on “Blockbuster update”

I’ve been trying to read The Weekend Sisters for about two months now and I’m about a third of the way through. Some books are meant for some people and some books are meant for others. Maybe you already know you’re not gonna like the blockbusters.

Maybe. I think I might give Nora Roberts a try next, though. I found one with a story that sounds interesting.

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