Christmas is

I may regret this, but these are the kind of things a dedicated aunt does.

Oliver put himself out there and sang a Christmas carol on YouTube.  So if he can do it, so can I.  Prepare to laugh (at me) and cringe as though you were watching a particularly potent episode of the Office.

Before we get to that, though, here is the adorable Oliver singing Jingle Bells. Excellent!

Here is my response.

Thanks to Run-D.M.C. for the lyrics and beat.  Making rap videos is hard, yo.

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Easily one of the most awesome things I ever seen on the internets! Oliver is really going to enjoy watching this.

Uhhhh….I think I might have to start calling you DJ Annie-Rock or something. You have some fly beats, my friend. FLY.

WOW. Annie Jo this made my day! My brain hurts from thinking in French and a little Hipster Librarian rapping is EXACTLY what I needed!

Are your wearing special fly kicks for this performance?

What a fabulous performance, Annie Jo! This should go viral. It really made my day. Thanks a lot for the laughs!

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