A dining room is for dining

After moving the kitchen table out into the empty dining room for Thanksgiving, we realized that it was awesome to have a dining table in the dining room for dining at.

The hunt for a replacement in the kitchen led to an island.

I threw out my back trying to get the thing inside and assembly was a pain for sure, but I think the end result might be worth it. Maybe.

4 replies on “A dining room is for dining”

That island looks like it needs some pies. Welcome to the world of dining in the dining room! 🙂 Now when people come over they won’t hit their head on Hilary hanging from the chandelier, because they will have to walk around the table.

Hooray! I whole heartedly approve. By the way, the last book you recommended is apparently now out of print. i was told ‘sent back to publisher’. total hooey.

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