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Election day today

If you live in Mass, don’t forget to head to the polls to vote for Kennedy’s replacement. The ads last night were out of control, back to back insanity. So I’ll be glad when they disappear. At a little after 7am there was an impressive turnout. It impressed me at any rate.

So my civic duty is done for the day.

Yesterday I made yam tacos and they were darn tasty. Similar to the boniato tacos at my old favorite Agua Verde, these had leftover roasted yams cut up into little pieces, mixed in with some sautéed onions, piled into a corn tortilla and sprinkled with extra sharp cheddar.  I see why they add an avocado sauce because mine were slightly on the dry side.

Go vote!  Go make yam tacos!

6 replies on “Election day today”

Yam tacos sound like the greatest thing ever. I just added Yams to my grocery list.

I thought the turn out at my polling place (and in the library when i walked in this morning) was pretty impressive this morning too..

Cosmic. WE had roasted yam tacos for dinner last night, too! Roasted yams & sweet potatoes with some onion and threw them in corn tortillas with some avocado. Delicious.

What the what? That’s just crazy.

I think yam tacos will definitely be topped with avocado next time.

way to go Mass. way to blow the majority right before the health care vote… who ever thought politics weren’t a trip?

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