After the death of Lala, I went searching for another web music service. I ended up with and have been using (and paying for) it for a few months now. I listen at work. Sometimes I listen at home. It’s okay. It gets the job done. It’s a little clunky but seems to have most of what I want to listen to.

Does anyone else miss Lala? Has anyone found a better replacement than mog?

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I was also a LaLa fan. Since it’s demise I have been using GrooveShark. GrooveShark’s selection isn’t as good as LaLa’s was but at least it’s free.
I’d gladly pay a modest price for a service if they had an amazing selection.

Well, the selection at mog is almost amazing. There’s just a few things missing that end up making me mad.

It’s convenient and essential enough at work that I fork over my $5 a month without too much ill will.

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