Weekday breakfast

Pretty much every single morning before work, I eat this.

Veggie sausage patty on an english muffin

With a cup of black tea, it makes for a delicious start to my day and I haven’t gotten sick of it.

So. What do you eat for a weekday breakfast? Does it differ from your weekend breakfast?

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I enjoy a daily bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. Weekends are no different. They’re much enjoyed, and it’s extra cool because I recently came full circle back to this childhood favorite.

I probably had Cheerios in my childhood as well. Maybe a piece of toast. I don’t remember. Mom? Do you remember what I ate on a weekday morning?

I ate a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios every single weekday morning when I was growing up, too! I also went through a Lender’s frozen bagel phase. Now my favorite is Nature’s Path Millet Rice cereal with rice milk, a combination I first had at Kripalu. And coffee, of course.

Ha! I love how you tack on coffee last. I almost forgot to include tea in my description.

Oh and my tea gets a squeeze of honey on the weekends. To make it more weekendy.

I almost always have egg n toast, coffee with vanilla soy milk, and fruit. Ben has toasted bagel with avocado and black coffee. Toddler has a breakfast popsicle, toast, or Lara bar. But sometimes he requests cornichons. Breakfast is my favorite meal! Sometimes I have it for dinner too!

So the little guy has popsicles and pickles for breakfast? I like the popsicle part. I could definitely see eating a breakfast popsicle in the summer when it’s hot and muggy as I get dressed in the morning.

Ooh, breakfast for dinner. I’ll have to tack that onto the schedule for next week.

I’m tardy responding- been in jamaica all week.

Annie, I remember a phase when I had to fix homemade waffles, the only thing that would do, when you were a toddler.

Otherwise it was dry cereal, toast and perhaps bacon or the little frozen Hormel sausages.

Juice, of course, apple or orange.

It was my pleasure to serve you.


breakfast has always been my least favorite meal. maybe because it is correlated with waking up, my least favorite activity of the day. or maybe because i dont like eggs and loathe cereal. luckily i love toast and have been eating toast with peanut butter on it for about 2 years now. recently i have taken to yogurt and granola. and now that i am thirty years old, i have finally made myself drink coffee.

I’ve also considered taking coffee on. I have tea, which generally keeps me going, but coffee smells so delicious.

So far I haven’t taken the plunge though.

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